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My name is Ami I’m a Visual Merchandising student in Dublin, Ireland and this is my story of the highs and lows of the road to becoming a VM!

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#TheFutureOfRetail Video | Webloyalty’s Guy Chiswick Discusses John Lewis


The Future Of Retail research from Webloyalty: the success of John Lewis

Webloyalty YouTube series – episode two

In this episode, Guy and Neil discuss the reasons behind the success of John Lewis, and the same for Primark. For the full video transcript, see this Webloyalty blog entry.

“The key thing for retailers now is that you can get most of the stuff online, and you don’t have to go to a store, so retailers have actually got to create reasons to go to a store” ~ Neil Saunders, Conlumino

Areas of focus for retailers:

  • Create reasons for customers to come into your store
  • Increase the number of multichannel touch-points for customers
  • Have a clear USP
  • Build a strong brand identity to encourage loyalty

You can view the full Webloyalty The Future Of Retail Report here.

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The Future Of Retail: Webloyalty Video Transcript of 3rd Episode


The Future Of Retail: The Changing Roles Of Retail Locations | Webloyalty Research

Episode #3

Guy: Hello, I’m Guy Chiswick from Webloyalty, and I’m here today with Neil Saunders from Conlumino to talk about our latest research titled The Future of Retail.

Question: what are the effects of the changing role of locations?

Guy: So another thing I noticed was the changing role of the physical locations stores, and especially when looking at click and collect, and convenience, and in-town and out-of-town. Can you explain more about that?

Neil: Yeah, I mean I think the role of the store has changed, and I think one of the things that’s happened is actually the store has become more than just a place of transaction. You might buy something online, but you want to pick it up in a store, and that’s led to some really interesting dynamics. What we see…

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Help Desk for The Playbook for Success

Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council Blog

Want to grow your business but not sure how to get started? Answers may be found in the NACS/CCRRC Playbook for Success – Recommendations are based on solid shopper research, as well as the positive experiences of large and small convenience retailers.

And, to support you on your road to improvement, our new help desk is available to offer guidance. Simply contact me at to schedule a 30-minute call — at no cost or obligation to you. During our conversation, we can:

  • Talk about how the Playbook is applicable to your business.
  • Discuss how to tackle suggested actionable steps.
  • Review successes experienced by operators in the Playbook’s case studies.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Bill Bishop

Research Director

NACS/Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council

Founder, Willard Bishop LLC and Chief Architect BrickMeetsClick

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Conversion – May the Sales Force be With You


You may remember the phrase in the subject line – even though we took some liberty with it to suit our purposes. 

Luke Skywalker and the Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi of Star Wars fame used the positive phrase “May the Force be With You” to wish someone good luck and hope for victory, before a battle. 

Your sales force must be with you if you are to reach any level of success in retail. Retailer’s battle to hit their targets every day, while struggling with tons of detail – big and small – everything from the effects of the changing economy to the show rooming phenomenon; from hiring and training to current technology. As a retail business owner, or high level management in a chain, you know it’s a battle! 

Truth be known, it is your sales force that actually does the battling for you on the front lines, day in and day out. Unfortunately, they…

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In the Mood: Understanding the Shopper

Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council Blog

There’s endless discussion about the changing shopper, emerging demographics and even the increase of men in the aisles of supermarkets. But no matter who is actually doing the shopping, the factors driving them remain the same — feeding the household on a budget.

The World According to Shoppers, a study from the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council of North America, took a deep look into shopper motivations and outlined nine different moods or need states that seem to be reflected in all trips. Those need states range from big stock-up trips to quick grab-and-go visits.

What retailers might find most interesting is the similar motivations, yet vastly different mindsets on seemingly comparable trips. That’s because shoppers love, while others dislike the supermarket visit.

Understanding these motivations can help a store better meet the needs of shoppers and, in the process, improve loyalty and sales.

Michael Sansolo

Research Director

Coca-Cola Retailing…

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Modern Business Approach

  1. Introduction

Retail involves the sale of goods from a single point (malls, markets, department stores etc) directly to the consumer in small quantities for his end use. In a layman’s language, retailing is nothing but transaction of goods between the seller and the end user as a single unit (piece) or in small quantities to satisfy the needs of the individual and for his direct consumption.

2. The Supply chain

  • Manufacturers – Manufacturers are the ones who are involved in production of goods with the help of machines, labour and raw materials.
  • Wholesaler – The wholesaler is the one who purchases the goods from the manufacturers and sells to the retailers in large numbers but at a lower price. A wholesaler never sells goods directly to the end users.
  • Retailer – A retailer comes at the end of the supply chain who sells the products in small quantities…

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